Idea: Gifts from the Heart for the Soul

Updated 26 November 2003 3:45am  UTC
The List of Gift Ideas for 2003

Memorize a poem, and read it to someone in person or over the phone. A short poem will do!

Draw your own greeting card, and mail it as a gift. Draw a picture of yourself or your family, and send that instead of a photo. (See Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain if you want to learn to draw better.)

Cook something especially delicious.

Learn a meaningful song and sing it or play it.

Clean up a mess somewhere in honor of someone who cares about unpolluting the world, and let them know you did it for them.

Make jewelry out of seashells or other natural materials.

Find out what your friend or relative is really interested in, research the topic online, and write them your opinion on the topic.

Borrow a fantastic book from a library for someone, and return it on time for them.

Why is this list here?
Because holiday shopping has gone too far. We all know this, and what do we do about it? Now you can do something. Consider not-spending-money this holiday, and use your time and energy in a way that really matters.

The ones with the most toys.... already have the most toys....

Of course it takes more effort to give a free gift than one you purchase at a store while your mind puzzles over work or relationships... all the more reason to do it!

What if you have too many friends and colleagues who all expect presents? Select even one person to receive a gift of your spirit. Every gold piece you don't spend... confuses the world economists mightily, and gives you just that little bit of your power back.

Enjoy the season as the earth turns 'round again.

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